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Navara Breaks 50,000 Sales Barrier In Europe Since Winning International Pickup Award 2016

  • More than 50,000 all new Navara pickups sold in two years since November 2015
  • Navara's segment share up from 11% in 2015 to 17% YTD
  • #1 Asian pickup in 2017 YTD in three key Western European markets - UK, Germany and Sweden
  • Nissan has one of the widest LCV ranges in Europe, including zero emission e-NV200 can with new 40KWh battery
  • All Nissan LCVs covered by market leading five year pan European manufacturer warranty
  • Fast growing retail network provides a 'one stop shop' for LCV customers
  • 'Rolling chassis' Navara and vans provide perfect base for bespoke conversions

In the two years since it won the International Pickup Award 2016, more than 50,000 of the all new Navara have been sold. Over the same period the Navara's share of the highly competitive one tonne pickup segment has also increased significantly, rising from 11% in 2015 to 17% in 2017 YTD. That's despite several new high profile competitors.

Success has come right across Western Europe, the Navara is the best selling Asian pickup in the three key markets of UK, Germany and Sweden. Furthermore, with demand in those countries focused primarily on performance and premium features, the Navara's popularity with business and leisure customers is the perfect illustration of its 'tough and smart' position in the sector.

The Navara enjoys a very rich sales mix, with more than 80% f sales volume on the two highest grades - N-Connecta and Tekna. It's a figure higher than most of its segment rivals. The Navara features high levels of refinement, style, comfort and quality.

It was developed to extended these characteristics - so closely associated with Nissan's award winning Juke, Qashqai and X-Trail crossovers - into the LCV segment for the first time. Pioneering technologies available on the Navara include Nissan's Intelligent Around View Monitor camera system and Intelligent Emergency Braking.

Christophe Longo, General Manager, LCV Marketing and Product Planning, Nissan Europe, commented 'We were so honoured to accept the International Pickup Award for 2016. Jurors clearly recognised the Navara's exceptional blend of tough performance and smart technology put it at the top of the class, and customers across Europe have agreed with them'.

The Nissan Navara's tough and smart character is playing a part in determining which vehicle is the next holder of the International Pickup Award. Shortlisted models include the Alaskan - from Alliance partner Renault - and the Mercedes X-Class. This latter vehicle and the Navara are jointly developed by Mercedes and Nissan on a common chassis and powertrain architecture.

Nissan is setting the standard with its LCV range, which is one of the widest in Europe. It includes the Navara, plus the game changing e-NV200 van, the world's first 100% electric LCV. It will soon be available with a new, higher capacity 40KWh battery, capable of delivering more than 100km of extra range compared to the current 24KWh version. This official range of the Nissan e-NV200 40KHw battery is 280km.

The LCV line up is completed by the NV200, NV300 and NV400 family of highly capable and versatile vans, plus the NT400 truck. Designed to cater for a variety of uses and industries, Nissan's LCVs are all about smart thinking and versatile use. All vehicles provide cleverly designed and easy to use cargo spaces, a comfortable cabin environment suited to long hours behind the wheel, the latest technological features and low cost of ownership.

Nissan's confidence in the quality of its LCVs is underlined by its marketing leading warranty - a five year 160,000 km pan European, manufacturer provided policy that's fully transferable to second and subsequent owners. Across Europe, Nissan has network of around 2,000 LCV retailers, with knowledgeable staff who can help business users select the correct vehicle for their needs.

These showrooms are now a convenient 'one stop shop' for every van, truck and pick up customer, and there are plans to grow the network further. Nissan LCVs provide the perfect base for conversions across a wide range of industries. From camper vans and refrigerated transport to tipper trucks and multimedia broadcast units, versatility comes as standard with Nissan conversions, which cover 97% of the market by vehicle registration.

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