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Nissan Earns Top Rating Among Global Businesses On Water Management

Nissan earned a top rating in the 2017 Global Water Report issued by CDP, marking the first time the company has made the report's 'A list' of businesses recognised for their water stewardship. The company also achieved a Leadership-level ranking in CDP's Climate Change Report for the fourth straight year.

CDP, formerly known as the Carbon Disclosure Project, ranks global businesses each year for their efforts to manage water use and cut CO2 emissions. Nissan was one of 74 companies on this year's water 'A list,' out of more than 2,000 that provided data to CDP.

Nissan is working to reduce and manage water use at all of its production facilities. The company deploys technology and promotes water use reductions based on the local water situation at each plant and engages in supply chain management for water.

Nissan aims to reduce so called 'well to wheel' CO2 emissions from new vehicles - a measure that takes into account the production of fuel or electricity to power the vehicles - by 90% by 2050, compared with 2000 levels. The company makes the world's best selling zero emission vehicle, the Nissan Leaf, and is partnering with local governments and other companies to expand vehicle charging infrastructure.

Nissan will continue working to address environmental challenges and reduce environmental impacts throughout its value chain under the Nissan Green Programme action plan.

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