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Nissan Launches Into Paris Start Up Scene With Innovation Lab Initiative

  • Nissan's first Innovation Lab opened its doors in February at Le Square in Paris, with expansion to other European cities planned for the near future.
  • Nissan has teamed up with established start up accelerators, including 50 Partners and NUMA, to foster innovation internally and create strong partnerships with rising start up stars.
  • The launch marks another milestone in Nissan's journey to delivering on its promise of Innovation and Excitement for Everyone.

Nissan today announced the launch of its new Innovation Lab in Paris, one of Europe's biggest start up scenes. Designed to develop new innovation projects in all areas of the business, the company's initiative marks an important milestone in Nissan's journey to unlock innovation.

In partnership with start accelerators, the Nissan Innovation Lab seeks to attract collaboration with innovative start ups from all across Europe. Nissan's partnership with 50 Partners will be focused on supporting the company's energy business.

50 Partners is an accelerator, mentored by 50 successful entrepreneurs in order to help young entrepreneurs to grow faster and longer. They are one of the leading accelerators for entrepreneurs based on their excellent results. Collaboration with other accelerators such as NUMA will focus on other business divisions.

The lab will offer start ups the opportunity to partner with Nissan, and will provide a hub for pitching, prototyping and innovation coaching. To support the Innovation Lab, Nissan will introduce new employees dedicated to the innovative projects developed there.

With innovation as one of Nissan's core values, the new Innovation Lab is further proof of Nissan's commitment to driving innovation from both inside and outside of the business. Last month, Nissan announced the winner of its Chairman's Innovation Awards where employees across Europe were given the opportunity to take innovative ideas from the drawing board to reality.

Commenting on the launch, Nissan Europe Chairman Paul Willcox said: "At Nissan, we continuously champion creativity and innovation as core elements of our business. The launch of our Innovation Lab extends this commitment to the thriving start up scene of Paris and vibrant dedicated space and a unique platform to continue to attract and unearth innovative ideas from across and beyond the business".

Following the launch in Paris, further Innovation Labs are set to open in additional European cities.

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