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Nissan's 'Grand Detour' Delivers UEFA Champions League Trophy And Excitement

  • Nissan stages bold 'Grand Detour' social media activation ahead of UEFA Champions League Final
  • Did driver get lost while transporting iconic trophy to the stadium?
  • #TOOEXCITEDTO reflects fans' inability to focus on anything but football on match day

When you are a football fan, UEFA Champions League match days are THE time when you're simply 'too excited to' concentrate on anything other than the big game. That was the simple premise behind #TOOEXCITEDTO, Nissan's bold social media campaign and specific activation linked directly to the arrival of the UEFA Champions League trophy ahead of last Saturday night's Final.

An official automotive partner of the UEFA Champions League, a Nissan vehicle is used every year to carry the iconic trophy from the Champions Festival to the stadium. Keeping true to the idea that Nissan brings fans closer to the excitement, Nissan selected a fan to drive the trophy in a Nissan e-NV200, the brand's 100% electric van.

To further add excitement to this journey, he was accompanied by none other than football legend Edgar Davids, a former UEFA Champions League winner. Facebook Live was the innovative platform used to broadcast this event to the millions of UCL fans #TOOEXCITEDTO concentrate on anything else on day of the Final.

This helped further ensure the global fan base could experience the excitement wherever they were in the world. However, events took a slight detour... as our excited fan took the trophy to the wrong stadium, Cardiff City! Realising their mistake and with only minutes to get the trophy to the correct location, Nissan came to the pair's rescue, with a mad dash in a Nissan GT-R supercar, the new X-Trail crossover and a helicopter!

The broadcast of The Grand Detour was hosted on the Nissan Excitement FC Facebook page, and The Facebook Live broadcast used in car cameras, plus others on motorcycles and attached to the helicopter itself. The action left fans wondering if this was staged or if the driver was simply #TOOEXCITEDTO?

The new Nissan X-Trail was the star of the show, having only been unveiled to media the day before the Final at an exclusive preview event in nearby Newport. Jean-Pierre Diernaz, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Nissan Europe, commented 'Nissan wanted to celebrate the pre match excitement of the UEFA Champions League Final in a bold way. By involving the iconic Nissan GT-R and the new Nissan X-Trail crossover in a dramatic dash across Cardiff, we have certainly done that'.

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