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What Can You Remember After 60 Seconds? Nissan Challenges Artist Stephen Wiltshire To Recreate All New Micra's Memorable Design

  • World famous artist uses photographic memory to draw Nissan Micra after 60 second reveal
  • Swaps pen and paper for innovative Tilt Brush by Google virtual reality app

One minute. Sixty seconds. It doesn't matter how you say it, it's a short period of time. Would it be long enough for world famous artist Stephen Wiltshire to study the expressive design of the all new Nissan Micra - having never seen it before - and draw it accurately?

Steven has a photographic memory and is best known for his vast monochrome pen and paper drawings of city skylines. Highly detailed, there are often created after a helicopter ride lasting just a few minutes.

But hes always keen to try new ways of working, and was challenged by Nissan to draw the new Micra using Tilt Brush by Google. It's an innovative virtual reality creative app that lets people paint in 3D using the HTC Vive VR headset.

The result is a truly stunning piece of visual art, showcasing the expressive and athletic lines of the new hatchback. It's finished in vibrant Energy Orange, expected to be one of the most popular exterior colours for the new Nissan hatchback.

Stephen commented 'I like the Micra. It's very futuristic and I love the orange colour. I like the shape and I like the lights and the strong line down the side. It's a very clean design'.

Drawing cars is not new for Stephen. As well as his architectural work, he has a love of sketching large American saloons - complete with chrome detailing and white walled tyres - from the Fifties and Sixties.

Recreating the Nissan Micra took place in a disused warehouse in Stephens home city of London, and presented him with two unique challenges. Firstly, he would be drawing in 3D rather than 2D, and secondly, he would be drawing full size rather than to scale.

Perhaps the biggest test was that he had never used virtual reality as a medium before. But after a quick practice with Tilt Brush's hand held controls and intuitive interface, he was clearly in his element.

The new Nissan Micra is the fifth generation, and is a huge progression from the model it is replacing. Now positioned at the very heart of the European B segment hatchback market, its expressive design is one of its key strengths.

Featuring dynamic proportions, the fluid lines are further enhanced by a vibrant palette of bold colours. The premium styling continues inside the cabin, with a contemporary gliding wing dashboard. Soft touch materials and two tone upholstery are standard across the range.

Jean Pierre Diernaz, Vice President of Marketing, Nissan Europe, commented 'The all new Micra is a true expression of our Innovation That excites brand promise and we really want to emphasise that'.

He added, 'We believe the new Micra's design is very memorable, and challenging Stephen to draw the car - and doing so using the innovative Tilt Brush app by Google - is a great way to communicate that'.

Stephen's challenge can be viewed online on social media channels, including YouTube and Facebook.

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